Tree Series

One of the things that distinguishes London from other cities is the natural environment – we are the “Forest City” after all.  Did you know there is an average of 12 trees per person in London, and 20% of the tree coverage is invasive (which suffocates native species). Older communities like Old North and Old South are more likely to have native trees (and in particular sugar maples) than newer subdivisions (where non-native species have often been planted).

For my newest series of drawings, I’ve been seeking out the winners of ReForest London’s “Amazing Tree Quest“. The project encouraged Londoners to nominate trees that were important to them. What better place to start right? So, I followed the map and set out to observe the fascinating variety of native species found in our own back yard, then made drawings of them in my pen and ink style.

Landscape Series

Included in the show are my oil pastels of Muskoka. My in-laws live there all-year round, so I’m fortunate that I get to go there a few times a year and see the landscape in each different season. Really the landscape is stunning, and more than once I’ve had my husband pull the car to the side of the road so I can take some snapshots to do pictures of later.


Everyone who knows me, knows my passion is comic books. I’ve loved them forever and kind of live and breathe them. Below are pieces that will be on display and for sale at the show and include studies from my work-in-progress graphic novel on Gerald Bull, as well as original comics pages and drawings inspired by my favourite comics and comic artists (specifically Jack Kirby and 1960′s DC Comics).

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