Like so many Londoners, I’ve spent countless hours waiting for trains to pass on both the CN and CP Railroad lines while trying to make my way north or south across the city. One day a couple of years ago, I found myself stuck at the head of a long line of commuters and was intrigued by how many train cars had been tagged by guerilla painters and how beautiful much of their work was.

I resolved then to take my camera over to CP’s staging area between Adelaide and Quebec streets a couple of blocks from where I live to have a closer look. What I discovered was a photographic gold mine! Over the course of around eighteen months I made many forays into the yard to document the graffiti I found there until eventually I was arrested by the CP police for “trespass and engaging in an illegal activity”.

This show is built on the images I was able to capture during my short career as a criminal photographer.

John Tamblyn
September, 2011

Prices on pieces range from $195 – $545. Each photo is a limited edition of 5. More artwork is on display at the show than here on the site.